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Monday, June 15, 2009

FM June 15, 2009

It's hot and sunny here, which means I _should_ be doing yard work but it's too hot and sunny;)
Here's this week's edition of Freebie Monday

This isn't a pattern but something you could use your scraps of yarn for - warning, it's probably not work safe or kid safe, but you can figure that out from the name....

Because it's hot and sunny, my sinuses aren't happy (they are never happy). The weather reports give information on the pollen count and now I know why my head is stuffy.

There's something about a monkey - specifically a sock monkey pattern

or maybe you'd like a smaller version of the sock monkey - a sock monkey bookmark

Well, if you got to wash dishes, you might as well have a pretty dishcloth......

It's Monday and I could use a belt - not this particular kind, but it will do - a belt pattern

As you know, I have cats. I think this crochet cat might be a little easier on the house...

Or how about a snow cat

It's time for a turtle rattle

Here's a bath mitt to wash up the kids after they have been playing all day....

And of course, who couldn't use a teddy bear?

How to increase stitches like a pro by a pro - Vashti Braha

As usual, I have not received any money, goods, yarn, special consideration or anything like that to post these sites. I'd take it, but apparently nobody has any goodies for me;)


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