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Monday, July 13, 2009

FM July 13, 2009

Hi, again. I must have really been slacking off because it took me until last week to realize I did not post July's "What Day Is It?". Sorry about that, folks. I've been in a bit of a crochet rut, just keep making preemie hats. There's nothing wrong with making preemie hats, but I need to push myself to do something that requires a bit more thinking. Maybe I will finally decide on the baby afghan pattern for the upcoming great nephew. Whatever I decide, I am sure to be shopping my stash for a few reasons - I got a ton of stash but I don't have a ton of money;) (just like everyone else out there, unless maybe Donald Trump reads this blog, which I doubt).
Enough with the silliness, on with the freebies.

I really like this heart afghan. I'm a little sorry I seen it because now I'm thinking "yes, that would be good for the next great nephew" and I already got a few thoughts on what I want to make for him. This one might win based on the requirements. I'll keep you updated.

Here's a pattern (with corrections) for pineapple socks. I wonder how they would look in the multicolored sock yarn I currently have in my stash?

I generally use a sponge, but they get smelly _quick_. And I do have a few knitted dishclothes from exchanges but they seem too pretty to use. Maybe I'd feel different if I made my own. Plus it would be quick and relatively easy to break me out of the preemie hat rut.....

I thought this was pretty cool, but it sort of reminded me of a giant scrubby pad. See photo 3 for a crochet wire chair.

Berroco is having a contest using their sock yarns. And you don't have to make socks to enter, you can try something different with your sock yarn stash. For example, a crocheted dodecahedron

I know June has passed and that is a popular month for weddings. But people get married other months. Here's a pattern for a crocheted garter.

This is pretty cool - a spiral afghan.

For smaller kids than mine are (my "baby" will be 28 this week) here's a counting fish toy (you may have seen it in the craft stores as a freebie).

Again, a tutorial on ripple crochet from Teresa "Learn to Crochet". She does amazing tutorials.

That's all I got for today. Nope, no kickbacks from anybody to mention their sites or products - who has that kind of money;)


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