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Monday, July 06, 2009

FM July 6, 2009

It's actually very pleasant here for July. No air conditioning on, just a few fans. It doesn't seem quite right but I'm happy to reduce the gas and electric bill whenever I can....
Now on with the show

Dee Staniziano is hosting a murder mystery crochet along

and Annie Modesitt has extended the deadline for her hat contest. You got a little bit of time, plus a hat is small and won't make you sweat. contest (yes, it does include crochet, I checked)

Interested in the modified front post crochet stitch - here's a video tutorial

Saving your best yarn? Here's an essay about why you shouldn't

And speaking of the Crochet Liberation Front, here's an interview with Laurie Wheeler of Crochet Liberation Front

A bag is also a good thing to work on during the summer (or actually anytime), quick and easy

Crochet Spot has some free patterns (and you get a pattern for a crobot when you sign up)

Teresa is having a drawing at her always great site, Learn to Crochet

And now for something completely different, some free vintage crochet patterns

As usual, no pay for me for posting this stuff. I'd be happy to accept it in almost any form, but nobody is coughing up any bribes.

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