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Sunday, October 18, 2009

FM 10/19/09

This is the fish for Aidain. I basically followed the motif pattern, using 2 strands of worsted weight yarn instead of one and putting one extra row of single crochet between the each of the original patterns. Obviously, it made it much bigger. I used one skein of the Caron Simply Bright and the other skein was the Red Heart Banana berry. I crocheted the eyes and sewed them to the fish. I wasn't too thrilled with the eyes, but I didn't want to use felt or buttons/eyes simply because Aidain is only about 6 weeks old. But I still liked it.
I have another project lined up to do, but I want to make myself do a few little applique things prior to beginning the next crochet project. I wear a navy blur lab jacket for work and it's boring. So I bought a few from Ebay (I didn't want to do anything to the company supplied jacket) and decided to "pimp" the pockets. One lab jacket has pink ribbon appliques on it. I plan to iron on a pink rhinestone ribbon on the same pocket. The other plans are sunflower appliques and butterfly appliques. It occurred to me that I could crochet the items after I already purchased the appliques. I'm thinking I may get a few more and make a snowman applique to put on the pockets. But that's for later.

Now it's time for some free patterns:
A beautiful pattern from Noreen Crone-Findlay - a crochet wire bracelet

I may have posted this before - or maybe I didn't. But I liked it so here it is, a
flower blanket from Caron's website:

The Crochet Dude has a pink ribbin purse on his site - it's cute, check it out

As always, if you have cats, you must have cat toys. Yeah, I know everything is a toy for cats, but this is really a crochet cat toy

It might be time for all of us who associate pine cones with winter holidays to start on this project from Planet M - crocheted pine cones

Again, I'm not sure if I posted this or not, but I think it's fascinating. I'm trying to think in what lifetime I'd do all those little motifs but you never know -
crochet flower afghan from Berroco.

It's close to Halloween, bow about some ami bats

A few more projects from the Caron site:
a vest

and a sweater

Here's another bat pattern for you:
bat pattern
And here's a blog that does Sunday freebies you might want to check out. It's Itsybitsyspider Crochet, it has a lot of good information on this blog:

The usual disclaimer applies - I receive no special consideration or renumration for posting these sites. I keep saying I'm not proud, I would accept it but I guess no one wants to insult my integrity;)


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