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Monday, October 26, 2009

FM 10/26/09

I haven't done too much crocheting this week. It's crunch time at work and that usually means my right hand is aching by the end of the week. But I did manage to get in 6 rounds of the "Oopsie Daisy" circular baby afghan from this book:

It's going much faster than I expected and is much easier, too. I am making it out of the white Simply Soft Caron yarn. I will put this up for my older niece until the time comes for her to have it. I don't know when that will be, but I'm hoping soon.

This week in freebies:

I thought this was funny. I don't know if kids could wear it to school because it's sort of a toy, but it's cute. I present a hand puppet scarf

I thought this was really neat, but I have a soft spot for bunnies - a pink rabbit monster ami

Crochet Cabana has some lovely charity patterns. To check them out, look at this link: http://www.crochetcabana.com/charity/charity-patterns.htm

If you have a lizard lover in your family, he or she may like a gecko bookmark

My younger son explained to me this is "steampunk" but it looks like crocheted cog / gears. Still impressive, could be cool of a t-shirt:

Caron has a link for a beautiful scarf


That's it for today. My darling hubby is battling some weird cold (flu?) for over a week now and I got some sort of salivary gland infection going on now. So I'm sorry for the brief post.

As usual, I receive no money / gratuities from these folks. I'd take them (especially in Caron yarn) but it's not happening.


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