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Monday, November 09, 2009

FM 11/09/09

It's happy birthday to me day at my house. I have reached the age of a speed limit;) (55 if you must know). I have almost finished the "oopsi" afghan. I had a great deal of difficulty doing the last 5 or so rounds. This is because I wasn't paying attention as closely as I should have. I would get 2 rounds into it and realize I made a mistake on the first round. Or 3 rounds into and realize a mistake in the first round. So I chickened out and made up my own last few rounds. It still looks good, but I do think the real pattern looks better. I also think I wasn't going to spend more time ripping out the rounds. I should have paid attention and if I make it again (I'm sure I will), I will use stitch holders to mark where I checked the pattern every 10 or so clusters. All the patterns in the book are great.

This isn't a plug, just something I am curious about - you can learn
to crochet from an iphone? Isn't the screen small?

Suzie always has such great patterns - here's Suzie's circle of hearts beret

If you are preparing for Thanksgiving and you have the time, here's a Thanksgiving wreath for you: http://www.favecrafts.com/Thanksgiving/Thanksgiving-Turkey-Wreath-Crochet-Pattern

I love sunflowers. My sunflowers have gone the way of most of my flowers because it's been a little cold here. But this is great - a sunflower lapghan

More stuff for the fall or Thanksgiving - crocheted leaves

This is great - a crocheted joy sign

My oldest sister loves dolphins. I wonder how she would like this dolphin pattern?

If you are making gifts, Christmas or otherwise, you need to know what size to make the article - Beverly Button has a sizing chart on her site

How about some monster slippers

The Happy Yellow House has a sweet pattern for a technicolor heart afghan

And here's a pattern for a granny square Christmas tree

As usual, no kickback for me for featuring these items. Who could afford it?

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