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Sunday, November 29, 2009

FM 11/30/09

Hi. I hope all of you have had a Happy Thanksgiving (or a happy Thursday) and are ready to face (_eek_) December. I almost have the lion finished (needs eyes, nose and a mouth - and to be sewn together). I decided to shop my stash as opposed to hitting a Black Friday sale. Definitely cheaper and easier, plus I can do that in my pjs. I rediscovered yarn in my stash that I forgot about. So under the guise that I got a cut in pay (I did) I will be using this newly discovered yarn to craft Christmas presents. Nothing that fancy, a hat, a scarf, a cowl. But I will be using up the yarn I have already paid for, so it should be a more inexpensive Christmas.
Speaking of Christmas (and before we get sucked into December), maybe you might want to shop your stash (if you have one) and create presents for your recipients this year. I know, some people don't like "homemade gifts". If that's the case, don't stress yourself out over it. Just spend what you can afford on the person and chalk it up to their loss, not yours. They are the one missing out on the gift, not you. For the other folks, consider if, for example, they are waiting for a bus in the cold. A colorful scarf will really feel good on a cold winter's day. Kids are always losing hats - and I intend to make a few for my great nephews. I'm sure it won't be the thrill of the year, but I have a joint gift for them, this is just a little something extra.
I am saying (even though it only has a little bit to do with crochet) is be gentle with yourself. Don't fret over making 20 different cookies or decorating the house down to the cat bowls - unless that's your thing and you like doing that. Your family doesn't want you all frazzled and undone for the holidays - they want you to be present, in the moment, enjoying what's happening in front of you. You can't do that if you're worrying about the credit card bills or how you're going to find time to take the bunny to get his picture taken with Santa Claus, The economy is in the toilet and I don't think financial recovery is coming for at least 2 more years. (nope, I don't have any insider knowledge, just a guess.) So consider your stress level and your bank account level and make the adjustments you need to make so you and yours can have a good holiday.
oops, I'm ranting again, aren't I? well let me shut up and give you some sites that you can get some ideas for your presents without breaking the bank....

Sweater Babe has some amazing free patterns on her site. Check these out for some holiday cheer.

I thought this was interesting - I would have loved this when I was a girl. I have no small girls to crochet for, but it's still cute - crocheting dolls

This is a tiny teddy, not suitable for small kids but could be good for a tween or a teen, Or maybe somebody that just needs the comfort of a teddy bear with him or her....

This is cool - the never ending granny square

This is an interesting stitch and it looks great - a slant stitch scarf

See these fish? I'm sure they are going to make their way into one great nephew's gift pile. Maybe even two..

This is a lovely scarf, plus it's a little different than a striped scarf - check it out.

This is beautiful - a graceful shawl

Again, with the teddy bears, it's a teddy bear afghan

And for those who prefer the light look of filet, here's teddy bear filet pattern

Here are some toys that look cool. Yeah it's not Bakugan or that stripey monesr thing, but still cool....

And last, but certainly not least, a gift for you - Caron is giving away a free full size skein of their Country yarn. You just have to go to this site for details

As usual, I don't receive any compensation for mentioning these sites to you. I just want to share what I have found.


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