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Monday, December 28, 2009

Crochet Horoscopes Part 2 of 3

As I stated in the first part, this 2010 horoscope is just for fun. If you recognize yourself in any of these predictions, it's just coincidence - or is it;)

we pick up where we left off - with Leo

Leo July 23- August 22
Leo, you do have high standards, all of us can agree on that one. But you are stubborn. Yes, I said it, stubborn. You put off doing a project until you have the perfect yarn to match the perfect pattern, the perfect buttons, the perfect crochet hook...there's no perfection in life. I'm not saying for you to loop any old thing together, but if you give yourself a little break, you will enjoy crocheting so much more this coming year. Plus by the time you line up all the perfect items for the perfect project, it may be too late to actually make them - that niece of yours could be in college and not really interested in matching sweaters for her American Girl doll and herself. Just loosen up a little, that's all I'm saying, and you will be able to enjoy crocheting so much more.

Virgo August 23 - September 22
Ravelry is fun. Facebook and My Space are fun. But when do you actually make time to crochet? When you are up against a deadline for a gift and you're so frazzled you don't produce the results you want? Here's my advice to you, Virgo, plan ahead - not a whole lot, just a little bit. Maybe find a stitch you want to learn and practice it by making a scarf - and use the scarf as a gift for a later time. Instead of reading about all the great stuff other people crochet, unplug for a bit and work on your own crocheting. You will be much happier with this turn of events because in the months to come, you will have a new somebody special to crochet for (it might be a new person in your life or somebody that you've known that becomes special to you) - and you'll be happy you took a little time to learn a new stitch or two.

Libra September 23 - October 22
Libra, Libra, Libra...you have so many projects going on you can't keep track of them. And you also can't finish them on time because you don't focus on one project for the time it takes to complete. Sure, that does mean you're interested in lots of different things. But it is also frustrating for you. So to make sure in December 2010 that you're _not_wondering where that hook is to finish those mittens, do a little organizing now. Use paper bags or plastic, but just get some control over your projects. Don't start another project, no matter how tempting, until you do this. This will be helpful because money is still going to an issue in 2010 (not just for you) and you will be able to save some cash by giving your lovely completed projects.

Scorpio October 23 - November 21
Yes, Scorpio, all of us know that you know all there is to know about crocheting. But 2010 is the year you put all that knowledge to work. Don't just look at a pattern and say "I can do better than that", actually do better than that pattern. This will teach you that although it looks easy to write a pattern, it isn't - and that you have a knack for writing easily understood patterns. Whether you decide to use this talent for producing unique items to sell or publish your patterns, you could use this skill to branch off into a different part of crochet. Just don't go crazy buying lots of yarn and setting up a website just yet. Be prudent and take things slowly. You will learn a lot from this experience.

That's it for part 2 - stay tuned for part 3

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