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Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Sorry, folks, somehow or another the time slipped away from me and I wasn't ready for Freebie Monday. I don't even have the excuse of Black Friday shopping to fall back on. In my (limited) defense, I will say I was making cakes for a Toys for Tots bake sale. Unfortunately, I burned up one milky way cake :( and had to make another. I'm not sure if the pan will survive, I've been working on it. I hope it does because good tube pans are hard to find.
In present making news, I finished the lion for my niece & nephew to go with the afghan,I really liked the way the afghan turned out, but I was too dumb to take a picture of it. I made a lavender mohair blend long scarf for my oldest sister. I really don't like working with mohair as it makes my eyes and throat itch. But it's done and it's soft and lovely. I made an ear flap hat for my youngest sister. She uses public transportation and it's cold out there. So far we have been spared any snow, but it won't last forever. I started the project with a free pattern, but it was worked from the bottom up. I'm not a fan of that technique because I like to check the fit of the hat as I go along. So I basically made up the pattern as I went along. I used Lion Brand Homespun in the black and purple color way. That is because my youngest sister is a Ravens' fan and those are the Ravens' team colors.

This is a short list, but it will give you a start:

Noreen Crone-Findlay not only posts a wire snowflake pattern, she also includes lots of snowflake links Those of you who are sick of snow probably want to skip this)

This is a cute yo-yo pattern - for the toy, not the motif. Check it out

Here's a granny tree that has 2 versions - one at "The Royal Sisters":

And one at Amy O'Neil Houck's "The Hook and I" blog - along with more crochet ornaments

Here's another ornament from "The Royal Sisters" blog

And a star garland

The sweater doesn't work for me, at least not with the dinosaur on it. But what did work for me was the dinosaur. You could just make the dino motif and sew it on a sweatshirt and instant dino clothing;)

Here's a cute little stocking

This is a really cool link for Danish hearts

You heard the story before - no exchange of money, gifts or anything else was provided to me for posting these links. But if anybody has a spare tube pan, I can probably be bought....


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