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Sunday, March 14, 2010

More free crochet patterns

I'm feeling a little untogether with this stupid cold. But it is getting better, slowly but surely. Plus it's not the flu and usually I get maybe 2 colds a year at the most. My daffodils are finally starting to bloom. Now if they don't float down the street in all this rain we're having, I'll be lucky. There are still piles of snow around, mostly in shopping center parking lots, but soon, it too will disappear (I hope)....

Here we go for this week
These next two patterns are from Crochet Spot - How about a crochet peace sign?

And an apple coaster

This is from an Australian designer - a charmed prayer shawl

The Art of Crochet always has wonderful tutorials - here is one to teach you how to crochet in the round instructions

These next two patterns come from Fave Crafts a lovely daffodil dishcloth

and a pansy teapot cozy. I do drink tea and I do collect teapots but I have never made a teapot cozy. I'm not sure why

Not a pattern but an article about Shauna Richardson, the woman who will crochet lions for London's Olympics - check it out, her work is amazing.

Again, not a pattern but a very cute idea - an egg baby

Another one from Fave Crafts, this time an easy crochet shamrock

And to finish up, a crochet bear tutorial from "The Art of Crochet"

As usual, no endorsements or promotions have been given to me for mentioning anything on this post. I'd definitely take some bribes, but nobody is giving any out - at least to me;)

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