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Friday, April 01, 2011

wow, just wow

I can't believe it's been so long between posts. I guess that's the reason we'll never see "Crocheting Lessons - the movie" come out;) Part of the reason has been life, work has been a bear. But work is always a bear, isn't it? But a bear to the point my wrist was painful when I crocheted. Oh well. Things have eased up a little (I think) so hopefully I will be able to post more.
What's going on here? We had a relatively mild winter, especially compared to the 4 feet of snow we got last year. I got a big raise (okay  so it wasn't so big, but it's the first one in a few years). I seen some robins in the front yard and this morning I seen a bunny in the back yard. So life is generally good, with a few rough spots, but that's how life is,

I did make 2 scarves for the Special Olympics this year. I hope they announce the colors earlier because it seems difficult to find the right colors in the stores once Red Heart has announced them. And truthfully, sometimes I'm no so fond of the color selections. I did like this year's colorway, a light blue and a darker blue. It seems especially cheery to me  and everyone seems to need a little cheering up these days.

I have finished an afghan I was working on for my nephew's friend. I got to take a photo of it. It's white and shades of purple. I made it sort of like a log cabin quilt, with the color blocking. I was quite happy with the way it turned out.

Right now, I am working on a baby boy afghan, light blue and darker blue (hmm). I am doing a giant granny square in a Fibonacci sequence  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fibonacci_number.  I keep spelling "Fibonacci" as "Fibronacci" which shows you how fiber has taken over my mind;) I think it looks pretty cool. I had originally thought of doing a 7 point star afghan, but I realized that if I ever wanted to start on it, I'd have to use something I could just make up as I go along. I think the ripple star afghans are great, I've made a few, but I  didn't feel I had the concentration to stick to a pattern at this time.

Last week I visited D.C. again to see the Smithsonian coral reef for (probably) the last time. Craig and I had a great time and we managed to positively identify two of my pieces. I did not follow somebody else's excellent advice of taking the photos I have of the pieces I made to the museum with me. It would have made identification a bit easier. I mean, after all, who doesn't have white yarn in their stash? So now I got to label and post the photos  and upload them - hopefully soon.

So I'm still here, I'm still crocheting, just a little bewildered at the moment but that will pass. Despite the fact that the weather called for a snow flurry or two today, I can see by the daffodils in my front yard spring has finally arrived. I will clear the winter cobwebs out of my head and enjoy the spring.

Later, dudes & dudettes....

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