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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Crochet Horoscope 2011 part 4

and on to the finish......

Capricorn December 22-January 19
Capricorn crocheters are more interested in the trendy crochet, what's currently on the runway or the big fashion deal. Capricorn usually can keep up with the trends, as well as produce enough knock-offs to make a profit. But you have to be careful, sometimes the bottom drops out of the trend while you are still picking out yarn at the local yarn shop.
I'd advise Capricorns to try to quit chasing trends, or only chase trends that they really like. Try something a little more traditional, like a Chanel jacket. You do remember all that "fun fur" yarn, don't you? And how many storage totes do you have of it, even in that awful baby poop green? Yeah, you know what I am saying....
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Aquarius January 20-February 19
Aquarians are more future oriented than most crocheters. They keep tabs (in their heads) of what the current project is as well as the next 3 that come after it. They are not easily distracted by new patterns or yarns. Oh, yes, they like them, but they generally will not stop one project to start a completely unplanned project. The new project will have to get in line in the proper place. I'm not saying you won't switch the positions of future projects, just you will plan accordingly. But maybe you should change up, just once in a while. Do something freeform practicing a new stitch or sneak making a new cap with that beautiful new yarn inbetween your projects. You'll be glad you did.
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 Pisces February 20-March 20
Ahh, Pisces...some folks have been to call you the "wretched tail of the zodiac" or a "mishmash of all the signs", but they just don't get it. You are extremely creative, extremely sensitive and extremely idealistic. Why wouldn't a magazine buy a pattern you wrote out in longhand, complete with cross outs? I hate to break your bubble, but that's not going to work for you (or anyone either). Take the time to learn the rules of the game - how the pattern should be written, what target audience you are gearing it to, that sort of thing...oh did I mention you are going to submit a pattern in the coming year? Well, you are, but don't be discouraged if it doesn't get snapped up immediately. Polish it up and try again....
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Now,  as you have seen I didn't deal with the "new zodiac" with the extra sign of Sharktopuleel, but I don't place much stock in that particular theory;) I'll agree it's possible for it to exist, but not for me. But if Sharktopuleel exist, the sole purpose would be to carry around bags of yarn or to finance yarn trips (or thread trips) with great pleasure. Now, we know that person doesn't exist because if he/she did, all of us would know who that person is.....and we don't....I rest my case (and the rest of me, too) ;)



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