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Thursday, March 15, 2007

1970's crochet

If you have been crocheting for a while, you've heard of Vashti Braha. You've probably seen her patterns all over the place. She's on the CGOA board of directors.
M's Braha is performing a valuable service for all of us who want to know what crochet was like in the 1970s. She is reviewing the 70s crochet books on her blog. If you want to see what techniques and patterns were available to the '70s crocheter, you can read the reviews and think "oh, _wow_" or maybe even "OH_WOW_" epending on what particular book is reviewed. And for some of the books (the Judith Copland "Modular Crochet"), this may be as close as you get to it. That book goes for a fortunate on EBay and I am looking forward to finding out why when M's Braha reviews it.
Here's the link - and remember, M's Braha is reading and reviewing these books so you don't have to;)



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