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Sunday, March 11, 2007

something about PussyFoot

PussyFoot is our oldest cat (since Houdini died last year) and our only female cat. She is definitely "Princess FurSoSoft" and she never lets anyone forget it. Would she lay on a thrift shop sweater that was purchased just to take apart? _NO_! She has to lay on a chenille poncho I made for myself. (Yes, the thrift shop sweater was also chenille, but the poncho was Lion Brand "Thick and Quick" chenille;))

I crocheted a small round bed for her, which she sleeps on a lot. She had surgery late last year to remove 2 cancerous growths and we weren't quite sure how she was going to handle it. She has come back pretty good. She even has a new favorite cat toy - a pattern by Jean Leinhauser of a cat toy. She will run up and bat it around. Since she's at least 14 years old, I'm surprised how kittenish she is with the toy.

So in honor of the pattern writer of PussyFoot's new fave toy, I have a link to an interview with Jean Leinhauser.



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