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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Cooking with Paula Deen and Crochet

I have to admit when I was standing in line at Joann's ETC or whatever it's called this week, I wasn't looking at Paula Deen holding a plate of brownies, thinking "I bet there's something about crochet in there." Instead, I was thinking "oooh, those brownies look _good_" as if I need more brownies or even another recipe for brownies. But buy it I did...

But there's an article called "Worth Collecting" that is about displaying vintage crochet. Some vintage crochet is displayed in what I consider the "usual way" - edging for shelves. But there are also some displays of the crochet used as curtains. Pretty cool stuff. I did especially like the tea cozy, just beautiful. I have few pieces of vintage crochet, but it is inspiring to see it displayed in the windows. She makes the suggestion of using ribbons to tie the crochet to the curtain rods, so there isn't undue stress of the crochet.

So I got another new recipe for brownies and some photos of vintage crochet - pretty good deal, I think....


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