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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Corner Cottage

This little shop is in Gloucester, Virginia on 6813 Enfield and Main. If you're on your way to Virginia Beach, you might want to stop in. I visited it when I was visiting my grandmother. Yeah, I know I should have been visiting my grnadmother, but my brother was there, so she was occupied.
The owner of the shop (at least I think it was the owner) was very helpful. She didn't crochet, but her mother did. She said she never learned how to crochet, but she could knit. There were some lovely handmade wooden hooks there (no, not the Brittany hooks, a different kind) and of course, lots of lovely yarn. She was even nice enough to point out the bargain basket for me;) But I actually came to check on Plymouth's "Jelly Beanz", which she had a lot of - and about 6 skeins less when I left. We talked for a little bit while my sister-in-law looked around the store. SHe also sells needlepoint, the printed canvas as well as the filled in canvas. (But we're not going there, it took me forever to finish my oldest son's wolf needlepoint. )
There was a lot more yarn I wanted (of course) but I was trying to restrain myself;) After all, the Stitch conference is in town this week and I want to save some money for the yarn there;)
If you get a chance to stop in this yarn filled store, take it. The hours are Tuesday thru Friday 10am to 5:30pm and Saturday 10am to 3pm. You'll find lots of goodies.

And no, I don't get a kickback from them, but I'd take it - in Jelly Beanz yarn;)

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