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Sunday, October 21, 2007

just another Freebie Monday

it's all not free patterns, folks;) some are just cool websites...

Looking for some Halloween crochet? This site has plenty of free patterns:

And this one does have a pretty cool pattern for a starghan (a round ripple afghan). It doesn't show the holes the way a normal ripple afghan does. The blogger said she invented a new stitch, but it's better if she explains it than me.

I don't know who Twinkie is, but apparently "everybody" is talking about her. I always thought that was a snack cake, but I guess I'm wrong:

I love Stitchy McYarnpants. It's just so funny. And I have to admit that yes, I did crochet some of those designs back in my wilder days. But hey, it was the '70s, all the other crocheters were doing it, and I thought just a little bit wouldn't hurt anybody. Now I see I was wrong;)

If you seen the floors in my house, the statement I'm about to make won't shock you. I don't have a Swiffer wet mop thingie. But apparently a lot of people do and some crochet the cover instead of using the little covers you have to buy for it.

How about some Lion Brand Halloween crochet - here goes a pirate. It looks fairly easy to me....

Again, I don't get a kickback or payola from any of these people. I'd take it, but nobody offers;)


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