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Monday, October 15, 2007

October 15 freebies

okay, it's not all free patterns. There's a few interviews scattered along the way.
Let's get started:
BellaOnline Interview.

cool interview with a designer. I like BellaOnline, but I tend to forget about it since you have to go to the site.

I think the old "Crochet Fantasy" did an article on Darla Fanton and her illusion crochet. Here's a site where she is shown teaching a class in it. If you're lucky, she'll be near where you are, so you can see it for yourself.

Click here: Darla Fanton

I thought this was a pretty cool scarf pattern, but I am a sucker for the watercolor looking yarn

I have a thing about crocheted food. I have no idea why, except I think it's pretty cool. Plus I remember when my younger son was a baby, each time we visited my mom, he'd take the cookie magnet off the fridge. He would act like he was going to eat it and we thought that was hilarious (that's what happens with the second kid, if it was the first, I'd probably would have been upset). I don't know that he would have been "fooled" by the crocheted food. (There's always been some doubt whether he actually thought he was eating a cookie or he was just doing it for the reaction.)


And to top that off, a crocheted hamburger dress. Yes, you heard me right. Probably would be good for Halloween.


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