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Monday, November 05, 2007

F.M. 11/5/07

I'm _baaacckk_. I'm not totally "with it" but then again, I never have been.
So here's your first for this Freebie Monday.

Want to learn how to do seamless single crochet, which is very important in amigurami and hats - here's the tutorial for you:

Another one of my favorite spots, Purple Kitty, has free vintage Christmas crochet (as well as knit) patterns:

I know this is late for Halloween, but I will forget this completely by next year. My cats would never stand for being dressed, but my oldest sister dresses up her cats all the time - go figure that one out.

Have you ever looked at a size 7 steel hook and wondered "gee, I wonder if I could perform surgery with this? No, I haven't either. But a surgeon did look at it and currently uses it to repair varicose veins - check it out:

I don't know if the next two are repeats. If so, I apolegize:

Tiny cake patterns

This one would have been better suited for Halloween, but as I said, I'll just forget it by next year - a crochet hamburger dress:

This would also have been better suited for Halloween, but maybe you need a gift for a quirky friend of family member. Not exactly my cup of tea, but Lady Linoleum always has cool stuff.
The Saw That Dripped Blood...SCARF!
Monster Crochet - http://monstercrochet.blogspot.com/

Stitch markers seem mostly made for knitters. Here's a site that shows you stitch markers for crocheters. Pretty cool stuff and looks relatively easy. You could whip up some for yourself or a crocheting friend:
Crafty Daisies - http://craftydaisies.com

Another one suited for Halloween but I am considering making this for my younger son (26 years old). He loved "The Nightmare before Christmas and I think he'd like the dog. This is a great pattern:
jack skellington's dog

and here's the last freebie of the day. I am having a drawing for the book "The Crochet Sweater Book" by Sylvia Cosh with James Walters. You may be more familiar with those names due to their freeform work. Just email me - 1 email per person please - and I will announce the winner next Monday. Please, no whining, begging or pleading - I get enough of that at work;)


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