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Monday, November 19, 2007

fm 2 weeks worth

*See "shameless plug" at the bottom of this post.

Sorry for disappearing last week. Blogger apparently was not happy and would not post this blog. I tried for a few days but I gave up Wednesday night. I had to worry about putting together a Thanksgiving dinner.

Okay, here's a mixed bag of freebies as well as interesting articles for you:

Want to whip up a quick gift? This dishcloth looks really cool. You could co-ordinate it to match your or someone else's kitchen. Who couldn't use more dishclothes?
Crochet Garterlac Dishcloth
Crochet Patterns Only - http://crochetpatternsonly.blogspot.com/

Want to know what Vickie Howell from "Knitty Gritty" is doing while she's not on tv? I mean, besides writing books and making personal appearances? She's got a blog where you can learn more about the show and Vickie:

Do you get inspiration from a photograph? This is beautiful, but the site says it can also be used as a wine bag. Would it be proper to put Boones Farm Strawberry wine in a $100 bag;)
check it out:
Christensen & Sigersen Crochet Purse Evening Bag

Soap bags - despite the name of the blog, the soap bags are crocheted. They are pretty neat.
Simple Knits - http://simpleknits.blogspot.com/
Despite the name, it's crocheted. It's also beautiful.

If you getting a gift for a child this year, you might want to think about making it instead of buying it due to all the Chinese toys being recalled (and more every day). Check out this site for Caron Rainbow Bear

Here's a site that haws a lot of free crochet toy patterns:

Here's something I think is unusual - a Darth Vader Tabasco cover - crocheted. I'm not a Tabasco eater, but I imagine it could be useful for somebody:

A brain slug is what I feel like somedays. Apparently, now I can crochet one:

This site has patterns for some of the most amazing crocheted animals I have ever seen. The detail is wonderful - you have to see it.

Here is the code for free shipping from Herrschners for orders over $35.00 until December 24, 2007: B12

Want to make something a little different for yourself or a loved one? How about bead crocheting? Here's a tutorial from the "Beadwrangler" herself:
Click here: bead crochet dot com

*This is a shameless plug for my own Cafe' Press store:
And yes, if you buy something from this particular Cafe' Press store, I do make money off of it. I d0 _not_ make money off the other sites given. I would take a kickback, but nobody offers me one;)

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