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Sunday, May 25, 2008

FM 5/26/08

Carol Ventura teaches you how to make polymer clay handles for your crochet hooks:

Norren Crone-Findlay suggests a way to keep wasps out of your yard without using pesticides - a crocheted wasp nest. No, not for them to live in, but to trick them to think wasps already live in your yard. It seems that wasps are territorial. I plan to try this because I don't use pesticides in my yard.

Covered hangers are good because they prevent clothes from falling on the floor of the closet - or in my case, on top of the yarn that's in the closet. Check this out:

Vashti Braha has this elegant jacket pattern available on the Caron site. It's beautiful.

Here's a sculptural crochet primer for you - really cool.

Here's a Lion Brand yarn pattern on another site (with permission, of course, of Lion Brand).

Another sock pattern - toe up:

This is a crochet pattern using sock yarn so you can actually wear the socks in your shoes:

As usual, no kickbacks from anyone or any company mentioned here. _enjoy_

On a more serious note, in the U.S. today, it is Memorial Day, time to remember all who have given their lives during wartime for this country. Here's a more serious website to look at:


Soulknitting said...

I was wondering if you knew where I could get a back issue of CFM? I see you have had some issues with current subscriptions, but am wondering where I can find a back issue for this killer coat pattern.

Crochet Fantasy Magazine in December, 2003, issue #172. Don't know the name of the actual pattern: Granny Coat?


You're my long shot. And ideas?

Robin Fonner Andersen said...

You're my long shot. And ideas?

hmmm, I'm wondering if I have that in my own stash of magazines, but I don't think so. So here's my suggestions - none good, but here you go:
go to Ebay & search for "crochet magazine" or "Crochet Fantasy magazine". It's not currently available (I looked) but you can put it in a search engine and they will notify you if it becomes available

You can also search Amazon for it, none currently available (I checked). But again you can put in a request for one & if it becomes available, they will notify you.

Sometimes old book stores (not the ones that deal in antiques or first editions - but the more inexpensive ones) sell old magazines. I have never seen any Crochet Fantasy in any old book store I have been in (and I do frequent them) but that doesn't mean somebody didn't get to them first.

If you belong to a group like Crochet Partners, you can post you would like to buy an extra copy or somebody's unwanted copy of this particular magazine. You're at an advantage because you do know what issue you want and that makes it much easier.

If you belong to the Crochet Guild of America, they have a lending library sent up and they are likely to have a copy of the magazine. People donate magazines and books to them (I have donated a _ton_ to them myself, so I know they have a large selection).

I could post it on my blog and see if anyone has a copy they would like to sell. You could also ask around the folks you know, often they know somebody who did crochet and might want to get rid of their stuff.

As far as I know, Fiber Circle Publishing does not have any back issues of Crochet Fantasy. If they ever answered a question for me (all I get is "I'll pass the message along), I'd let you know.

Sorry I don't have any better suggestions for you. But let me know if you find it and how you found it and if I find it on my end, I'll let you know....


Soulknitting said...

Thank you soooooooooo much for these suggestions!! I'll let you know if I ever find it. I love the sleeves on that jacket and seem to have become obessed with it!

You can find me at www.soulknitting.blogspot.com.
Thanks again.

Soulknitting said...

WOOT!! WOOT!!! Ok, thanks for finding it and letting me know!!!

Your email address didn't come thru in Blogger. Would you please email me at soulknitting at hotmail.com? I've got a few ideas. Thanks.

Linda said...

Thanks for adding a link to my covered coathangers on
The Crafty Side. I appreciate it and the extra visitors it has brought to my blog.