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Sunday, June 01, 2008

FM 6/2/08

There's a neat online publication that's called "Canadian Living". It often has crochet patterns. Here's one for you:

This link is not a freebie but I really like it. If I can find a few plastic geese, I think I'd have a perfect gift for my sister-in law. (Did I ever post the story about the "drive by scarfing" incident?) Here it is, costumes to dress your goose....

This is a very pretty afghan pattern. It is the blogger's own and her favorite afghan pattern:

I know, I know - who wants to think of an afghan (at least in the North America area) when it's warm out. But this is quite pretty, you can work it up a few motifs at a time and you won't sweat to death doing it.

This is an oldie but a goodie - a "hobo bag" by Lion Brand.

Purple Kitty has done it again. I find lobsters funny and this potholder is pretty cool. Or you could adapt the lobster pattern and sew it on a bag - maybe the hobo bag?

A ribbed sock pattern:

As usual, I don't get any kickbacks from any of these people for listing their sites here. I'd take kickbacks, I'm not proud, but apparently everyone is watching their money;)

By the way, June 14 is "Knitting / Crocheting in Public Day". I'm not sure what my parents' anniversary has to do with public displays of needlework, but there you are. I happened to be watching an Oriole versus Yankee baseball game and saw a few people knitting in the stands.
(Of course, the Orioles lost because_ I _was watching, doing my own version of "Pitch and Stitch" at home.)


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