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Monday, August 18, 2008

FM 8/18/08

On the health front, I am recovering slowly. Yesterday I decided to have an outing at Target and it was definitely too much, too soon. I hung on to the shopping cart for dear life. I arrived home, sore and exhausted and almost too tired to crochet. But I'm taking it easy today.
FYI, for the Crochetville 2008 Olympics game, I switched my challenge because I couldn't shop my stash. I decided I'd make 50 preemie hats (using the pattern on this website) by the end of the Olympics 2008. Why is it a challenge? Because I got a _very_late start.
Let's get on to Freebie Monday

this is a very elegant shawl pattern.

I have problems making tassels as well as making pom-poms. If you have trouble with tassels, here's a tassel tutorial to teach you.

Here's another pattern for crochet socks:

Okay, so I have a thing for crocheted socks - here's another pattern, this one is called "domino socks".

If you're looking for a charity to get involved with, here's one for Special Olympics scarves. You have to use Red Heart in specific colors to participate, here's the site:

Perhaps you'd like to check out this site, a place to donate handmade items to soldiers, Soldiers Angels:http://tinyurl.com/Soldiers-Angels

Here's a pattern for a beret - you can make a whole collection, perhaps even a "raspberry beret" - or not....

Here's a cute littletote, Dot's Little Ditty bag. There are also directions for different sizes.

I think it's time for a puppy break - an amigurimi puppy that is:

Did your children or you make one of these this past summer - this is pretty cool.

Are you planning to have a craft booth this fall at a festival? Here's ideas on how to make it "pop" and have folks notice your booth:

This isn't a pattern , but a combination of knit and crochet squares for Terry Pratchett's "pratchgran" - made by his fans due his recent diagnosis of Alzheimers.

This is also not a pattern, but the winner of the "People's Choice" award at the recent CGOA meeting:

Again, just something to look at .This is a beautiful afghan that features the four elements - really lovely. Check it out: http://kimby77.blogspot.com/2008/01/avatar-four-elements.html

As usual, no one has given me a kickback to list these sites. I'm up for a bribe, but everybody else is just so darned honest.

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