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Sunday, August 10, 2008

freebie Monday 8/11/08

More on the health front. The surgical incision is healing slowly. My right leg is broken (broken tibia for those medical words folks) and I am wearing a boot for the next 4 weeks. No prolonged walking or standing :( But I can still sit and crochet :). I haven't quite decided what I should do for my crochet Olympics challenge, but I'll figure it out.....
On with the freebies.

Here's a site to make crochet lace vases to put your crochet flowers in - very lovely.

Lady Linoleum makes a return to this blog with this wonderful cherry ribbon tote.

This is a pattern preview from "Crochet Blueprint".

Want a pup but can't have one because of housing restrictions or maybe not enough cash? Planet June has a miniature schnauzer pattern for you.

Is you Ipod thingie naked? Or maybe it needs a costume to appear in public? Here's a ninja cozy for your mp3 player.

How about some filet crochet designs for Halloween?

This isn't a pattern. Every mom thinks their child is special and of course, they are right. This mom blogged about her daughter's crochet work and it is exceptional, in my opinion. I couldn't even crochet at the age of 10 and I know I couldn't produce something that delicate.

Here's a pattern for a crochet bolero.

Here's Noreen Crone-Findlay's post about crocheting during the Olympics:

Ever get confused when crocheting in the round? It can be a bit strange at first. Here's some help: http://barney.gonzaga.edu/~aburton/crochrnd.html

And to practice what you have learned, here's a round ripple crochet tree skirt pattern.

Yeah, it's warm in some parts of the world, but it won't stay that way. Here's a beautiful crocheted sweater pattern.

Crochet Poet's pattern links (and these is an amazing amount of links for just about anything you could think of to crochet).

Kreinik crochet (and knitting) freebies

Bella Online online crochet magazine

As usual, I have not accepted any payola for listing these sites. And as usual, I would accept payola if offered but none was offered.


1 comment:

Lynn said...

Thanks for commenting about my daughter's work. She loved all the comments I got on the post I did. I know I think she is talented, but I am glad to know others think she is also.