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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Freebie Monday & getting the gold

I made it! I had a total of 62 preemie hats completed by Saturday night. Since my goal was 50, I got the gold:)
I am slowly healing from surgery, the open area of the incision is now shallow and not as long. The broken leg is still troublesome to deal with. I tried to "sneak" upstairs (on my hands and knees) to find something in my stash. I thought I would find it and be back downstairs (by scooting down on my butt) by the time my beloved came back from running errands. I was _wrong_. I think "busted" is the word I'm looking for here. That won't become a regular thing until after the leg is healed - too much energy going up and down the steps and scooting around the room.

Now on to the show:

Are you having an elegant Thanksgiving bash? This is for a pattern for sale, not for free....
I'd love to wear it to work, but the dress code says "no hats". Plus my head would sweat horribly in that hat. Could be a centerpiece, maybe........

They are called "panther paws" but you could probably use them for other cats, small and large. You could apply the motifs to a purchased baf, for example.

Here's a lovely lotus blossom to crochet:

This sounds like a great pattern - crochet mittens from Canada - I bet they are warm. (Yes, I am a dumb American that thinks it's cold in Canada.)

I needed something to cover our metal headboard in the winter. It feels cold. I didn't think too hard about it, just used a piece of fake tiger fur and sewed it to fit. But I wish I had thought of this granny square headboard covering. It could be any colors, any motifs you wanted.

I thought this was a pretty cool potholder pattern

This is a pattern for"wool eater" afghan instructions. For the U.S. among us, keep in mind this is an Aussie site and interpret the crochet directions as such.

How about a pretty freeform purse to start school or the fall season or just because:

All from one person, Monica Zenberg, and all are beautiful....I especially like the "girlie flower baby afghan pattern" - that's just really neat.

Girlie Flower Baby Afghan Pattern -

Little Boy Blue 8 Point Round Ripple Baby Afghan

Eight Point Round Ripple Preemie/Baby Afghan

Sunshine Round Ripple Baby Afghan Pattern

Monica's Simple Ripple Crochet Baby Blanket

Quick Stripes Baby Afghan

Yes, the Olympics are over, but who doesn't like a fortune cookie? These would be cool for a baby shower or maybe a bridal shower:

This is a cute little amigurimi bluebird and nest.

This is not a free pattern, but a photo of a crochet interpretation of Terry Pratchett's "Discworld"

I still am healing from surgery and the broken leg. While I have been away from work, they have rearranged the physical layout of my department. I usually had a lot of plants at work, but I have no idea where my desk will be in relation to any windows. Depending on how things have changed at work, this may be the plant I will taking back in and leave the other ones in the sunroom

I don't know if you are familiar with Twinkie Chan. She has scarves on Ebay that go for $300 or more. They are generally cute, cupcakes or ice cream cones. Here's a Twinkie Chan interview.

Need some scrunchies for the upcoming school year - hear are some curlicue scrunchies

Something I've thought about but never have done - saving crochet work in resin

As usual, no one is greasing my palm to put their links in my blog. I'd take some money or yarn or something, but it just doesn't happen. Apparently most crocheters don't believe in payola.


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