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Saturday, September 13, 2008

FM 9/15/08

What a week! I celebrated (?) International Crochet Day by going to the leg doctor's and wearing my capris with the crocheted flowers on them. I crocheted preemie hats while waiting for the appointment. I even wore one of my t-shirts from my Cafe' Press shop. But that didn't have anything to do with the outcome - I _still_ have to wear the boot for another 5 weeks (too bad it's not a pirate boot). But on the bright side, at least it's my leg and not my hand.\

Some important news for pet owners - there has been (another) pet food recall. This includes pet food from Wal-Mart as well as Wegman's store brand. Some brands are Old Roy, Special Kitty, Pedigree and Buju and Ziggie. This petfood can cause Salmonella serotype Schwarzengrund in your pets. Please check this site: http://www.petcare.mars.com/

On a sad note, "Essentia" will no longer be publishing a newsletter. L'Tanya Durante is part of "the sandwich generation" (as many folks are) and is not able to keep up with it. I wish M's Durante the best of luck in her future endeavors and I am happy to see that M's Durante does have a new craft blog. Here it is: http://www.craftnicity.com/

On with the show
If you have ever listened to "Dr Demento" on the radio, you'll know that September 19th of every year is "Talk Like a Pirate Day". To find out a little more about it, here's a link

What's that got to do with Freebie Monday? Well, there's a bit of a theme going on here...

These 2 patterns are for _sale_ not for free, but you might feel compelled to buy them to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day
Interweave Press Crochet Dread Pirate Sam (unless you have the edition with this pattern in it) http://shop.interweave.com/Crochet-Dread-Pirate-Sam-P202C59.aspx
and Scurvy Pirate pattern for sale

This one is a freebie pattern from Lion Brand, a crochet pirate pal.

Or how about a Crochet Captain Teddy?

here's a few links that aren't related to pirates.

This is a beautiful beaded crochet collar pattern.

And at the same site, a crochet butterfly doily pattern.

Here's a little something to dress up your little black dress:

This is an incredibly cute scarf pattern - all hearts

I can't remember if I posted this or not - if I did, sorry, but here it is again, a crochet along with Lion Brand

As usual, I receive no booty for listing these sites. I'd take some, but nobody's offering;)

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