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Sunday, September 28, 2008

FM 9/29/08

Here it is, Monday again (and so quickly). I am still walking sround with my lovely boot;) I did do something I thought was neat crochet wise this weekend - I used an old cd to make a coaster for my tea mug at work. It wasn't that hard to do, especially if you count your stitches correctly, which I seemed to have trouble doing last night;) Anyway, on with the show....

I thought this was pretty cool, a cheat sheet on how many chains & how many wraps you use for various stitches: http://crochet.about.com/od/filetcrochetcharts/ss/leaves011203.htm

For those of you who want to get an early start, here's Christmas Stocking pattern. It's for a crochet (and knit) Christmas stockings. (By the way, does anyone else notice how fast the special Christmas yarn disappears from the stores? It seems if you don't get it way before Halloween, you don't get it)

For the filet lovers out there, here's a lovely filet leaves chart:

Amy O'Neil Houck has found the time, between moving from Maryland to Alaska, to create some crochet instructional videos - you got to check them out:

I thought this is a very interesting textured wristband - prehaps would be good for a watchband.

"Crocheting with Dee"'s Dee Stanziano has posted her pattern for preemie caps and info on the "Caps to the Capital" project.
Click here: Tulip Preemie Pattern

"Hankering for Yarn"'s Noreen Crone-Findlay has also posted a preemie cap pattern, along with info for the same project.

Need something to hold the door open? How about a crochet door stop wizard?

This isn't a freebie, this is for a kit - but you can find inspiration in it - it's gorgeous. You could use your favorite flower motif in your favorite colors (or somebody else's favorite colors) to make a lovely gift.

For Rosh HaShanah:
How to crochet a yarmulke
and another yarmulke
Happy New Year 5769!


As usual, I get no kickback from anyone for listing these sites. I'd take a bribe, but that's not oging to happen;)

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