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Saturday, September 20, 2008

FM 9/22/08

It's almost fall (in my neck of the woods) as I write this, so I think some scarf patterns are in order:

Here's something that you don't see everyday - unique and beautiful - a spiral scarf

What if you, like me, get a cold neck very easily? or maybe you just don't want the scarf to hang down where it could get tangles in something? Here's the perfect scarf pattern for you, the unisex neck scarf.

If you're interested, the "Red Scarf Project" has begun again and is looking for donations. Here's the info on it

Or maybe you're looking for something to decorate your home? How about a filet crochet heart pattern?

You've probably seen curly fringe on various items - here's a tutorial to help you learn how to make itl

This is quite lovely, it's a crochet butterfly motif - check it out.
I have 2 new kittens, bringing the total number of cats in my house up to four (again). Since Heidi and Braveheart (the newbies) are stealing my scrunchies to play with, I should probably make this for them, some crochet sardine cat toys

or maybe a cute mouse for them to play with? Hopefully with four cats, I wouldn't have a mouse problem....

As ususal, no bribes were given to me to post this info. I wish somebody would try to bribe me, but so far, nobody has;)


Anonymous said...

hey, thank you so much for posting a link to my blog!! it's exciting for me to know that people are actually finding this thing. I hope you enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for linking to my doily, as well as for sharing the links of others!