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Monday, November 03, 2008

FM 11/3/08

Some of you may remember me posting about my great nephew, Payton, the little boy who slid down the slide that was covered in acid. He is getting another skin graft this week, so please send good thoughts his way. Thanks a lot.
If you're a fan of art dolls, this one by Bonnie Prokopowicz is featured in the Winter 2009 "Art Doll Quarterly" magazine. I'm not sure if the word "cute" is used to describe art dolls, but it is a cutie.

Not a pattern, just a thought / inspiration here.....

For those of you who follow Noreen Crone-Findllay's blog, she is no longer at "Hankering for Yarn". She is now at www.tottietalkscrafts.com

Crafty Corral is having a contest on the website - the deadline is quick (November 14, 2008). You have to make certain items for charity. Check out the drawing at:


Now for the free patterns:
once again, Teresa has come thru - here's a beautiful potholder pattern using the "magic square" technique. She is amazing.

another one from Teresa

I've seen a few flakes of snow, so it's probably time to crochet this - an ice scraper mitten

This pattern is the reason my sons are happy the internet wasn't accessible to me when they were kids - otherwise, they'd be wearing hats like this:

I have a lot of those clear plastic cds left over from my beloved's projects. This is pretty cool way to use them - a Christmas wreath cd hotpad/trivet


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