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Sunday, November 23, 2008

fm 11/24/08

Yup, I'm still using the boot to walk around in. The leg is not healing, "too much stress" according to the doctor. I should be getting an electrical stimulator for my leg this week. I have to use it for 3 hours a day, so I am hoping it is portable and requires a battery so it will be easier for me to comply. Next visit to the ortho - January 2, 2009. I'm thrilled;)

It's a bit colder in my area than the usual November temps - we even had snow flurries on Friday, so I thought I'd list some hats and scarves first.

Here's a crochet rib hat that would be suitable for males or females....

Or how about a tapestry hat?

This would also be good for males or females - a crochet beanie

Here's something I thought was cool -
a ripple scarf

And how about a ripple purse to go with it?

How about a Caron brand yarn scarf by Kim Guzman ?

This shows you how to do the seed stitch -

And now for something completely different, a tessalated crochet fish motif/ That could worl out to be a cool scarf pattern (no I haven't tried it yet).

So now I can bring the snow flurries into my house, without the cold - here's a snowflake garland

ANd this one must have escaped the Thanksgiving list last week - here's a pilgrim girl fridgie

A lot of people like "Hello Kitty". When I was in Atlantic CIty a few years ago, I seen a "Hello Kitty" ring made for an adult (woman, I suppose. I can't really see a man wearing a "blingy" ring with a cat face on it, but I know nothing of fashion). So here's a really cute amigurmi "Hello Kitty" doll

For those of you interested in wire crochet, this is neat. A crochet wire leaf to make into a pin or a centerpiece.

This link is for a survey for2 free Bernat e-books. Yes,. there is no strictly crochet book although there are a few strictly knit books. And yes, you will probably get it around the first of 2009. But it is a freebie, so there you are.


Despite rumors to the contrary;) I am not making the big bucks off of posting these links. I'm willing to be bribed, but people are way too honest to offer me a bribe.


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