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Sunday, December 21, 2008

FM 12/22/08

Happy Hannukah, Wondrous Winter Solstice and Merry Christmas! I got a short list today because, like you, I am busy. My new oven came yesterday (hooray!) and I have baked brownies & German chocolate cake so far. But as I tend to bake a lot for Christmas, obviously, I got a lot more to bake...
Try not to blow out your wrist in the run-up to Christmas. You can always attach a piece of yarn to a card, a description of what you and the estimated time of the finishing of the gift you are making to give as a gift to your gift receiver. That may save your wrist....
Here we go:

Here is a bunch of free patterns for the female in your life - some I know I've featured before, but there are a few new ones....

You'll recognize this child's toy ornament - some sort of sketchy toy immediately:.

Another one from Moonglow - a Christmas Candy dish - though you can change the colors anyway you like

How about a video on how to crochet a hat

This looks quick - a crochet tree coaster

I debated whther to post this link or the link to the Burger King site (for the Burger King cologne). After watching the Burger King video, I decided it wasn't only _not_ worksafe and _not_ kidsafe, but properly unsafe for anyone to look at - it would probably give you nightmares. But the "Mom Song" by Anita Renfroe won me over, so here it is:

Here's a really quick no-bake cookie recipe for you...
! package (12 ounces) milk chocolate chips (you could go for another flovor if you want)
1 package dried Chinese noodles (15 ounces, I think?)
1 small pinch of salt.

Line a cookie sheet with wax paper. Empty the package of chocolate chips into a pan, add the small pinch of salt and _slowly_ melt them over a low flame. Chocolate scorches easily - you could use a microwave, but I find chocolate burns up quick in a microwave.
When the chocoalte melts, add the Chine noodles and stir until well covered. Use a teaspoon (or a tablespoon if you want bigger cookies) and drop by the spoonful onto the waxed paper. Allow to cool. Now you have about 60 Chinese noodle cookies (I've heard them called haystacks, but that's when you use butterscotch chips) . These are good for the sweet and salty crowd.

As usual, I get no paycheck from the items I've mentioned - not even the Chinese noodle people;) I hope you have a happy and healthy holiday....

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