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Saturday, December 27, 2008

FM 12/29/08

Hope you had a lovely holiday and spent some quality time with your loved ones and got what you wanted....or got gift certificates so you can get what you want;)

These classes aren't free - some are $10, some are $30. But for a chance to learn taprestry and beading or find out how to design for publication, they are definitely worth checking out. And for the wannabe threadies, there's a class in filet crochet

I know the _last_ thing you want to think about is crocheting for Christmas. I can't say I blame you. But look at this as an easy pattern to do in the spring or summer, being lightweight and easy to carry along. Plus you can use it as an ornament, sew a garland together or use it as featured, in a card....
A reindeer from Lion Brand

and a few more from Lion Brand
Lion Brand teddy bear - you could dress him up for any holiday by changing the bow...

and a Siamese cat

I thought this was really cute - pixie dolls

After the year I've had, I think I_need_ a pocket angel and I can think of a few more people who do. I bet you can, too...

Now another wonderful pattern by Teresa Richardson - the "galaxy stitch" scarf pattern by

These fingerless gloves seem more suited to a male than the previous pattern links I have posted.

A crochet mitten pattern

and you can make a matching headband / ear warmer from the same site

A cute smiley baby toy for a cute smiley baby

Here's something I never thought of - an afghan from old wool sweaters

And something else I have never seen - ripple tube socks

As usual, I receive no payola for any of these listings.
Here's hoping you have a safe happy new year holiday and a good 2009.

P.S. I am in the process of updating some of the blog sites on the side., This week I updated the "Crochet With Dee" site, so if you're trying to see her site, now you can....

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