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Sunday, December 14, 2008

FM 12/15/08

Hello again. I'm not 100% but then again, who is? I've got a lot of links today, mostly Chrismas related - for gifts and some decorations. I have searched for free Hannukah crochet patterns, but the few I found I have listed already. So if you know of any or maybe you have it on your blog, please make a comment and I'll be happy to post it....
on with the show

This is a contest from Berroco Yarns - enter to win a gift basket of yarn from Berroco

The new "Crochet Insider" is now available

This is a news article about how a woman chose to honor her sister:

More news - Interweave Press acquires "CrochetMe" site:

You probably have heard of this or maybe seen a photo of it - it's a giant crochet pencil, I tell you!

I don't like gingerbread. I know, it seems a terrible thing to say, but there you are. And though I like to bake, I wouldn't consider baking a gingerbread house. I'd rather crochet a gingerbread house:

This articke says it's about knitting, but I would think the same principles apply to crocheting

Those of you who are up on things, here's a new project for you - it's the Chinese zodiac amigurumi

This would be a cute add-on to a sweatshirt - a crochet snowman applique (yes, even though it says "add to cart",it's a freebie

How about some crochet thread ornaments from Purple Kitty:

The next five patterns are from Caron's "Twelve Days of Christmas" 2008 emailing:
fingerless gloves
another pair of fingerless gloves
stuffed lion )
front door stocking (or to hang up by the chimneyif you've been very, very good)
rainbow crocheted fish

The "Art of Crochet" always has wonderful videos. I sometimes forget stitches I've used in the past....
tutorial on the v stitch

All right, lets go to Home Depot and buy some copper wire and start crcoheting....

How about a quick pair of crochet slippers:

Moonglow has posted some sweet patterns of her site - here's a chocolate truffle hat.

You're broke, I'm broke, everybody's broke. And for the vast majority of us, there won't be a bailout from the government. But you can still get a cool handbag - here's a pattern for a Fendi bag - check this site out

How about a star garland?

This is pretty neat - you got one skein of yarn in a particular color, here's a site that lists one skein crochet projects

Not really holiday like, but still neat a a star dishcloth pattern

I never would have thought of this, but it's a great idea - doilies using sock yarn

Got Jelly Yarn and wondering what to do with it - check out Jelly Yarn patterns

Granny squares pop up in a granny square Christmas tree

Star of David hexagon granny - put them together for a scarf?

Here's your listings for this week. As usual, I received no money to list these sites. I'd take it, but nobody's offering me any money;)


1 comment:

Amy said...

Thanks so much for the link to my star garland :)

There are a whole bunch of projects here that interest me. Thanks for pulling all of this together! I'm having knee surgery this week so I'm looking for some crochet projects to keep me distracted while I recover.