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Sunday, January 18, 2009

FM 1/19/09

It's been _cold_ here in my neck of the woods. And my leg still hurts, boo hoo. But here you go,
I do have the free patterns this week, if you can tear yourself away from the Inaguration and football....

You have to see this - it's amazing. I think Teresa should partner with a yarn company to sell this as a kit:

Cjeck out this gallery of great crochet

I do recycle, but this is taking recycling to a higher level

Is this the year you submit your crochet pattern to a magazine -
here's some info

Here's a job I never would have thought of - crocheting for the movies:

Here's a lovely scarf pattern from Australia

And how about a crochet purse?

The next 4 are from Moomglow:
scarf stitch

a open motif

a crochet carrot bag

and a demonstration of one type of shell stitch

And if you're like me, you got plenty of t-shirts that may be a little, well, sad. Here's how to make a rug out of t-shirts:

Here's a neat motif - a circle square

If you got a boy to crochet for, chances are he will love this - a gross eye patch

How about a cute little beaver pattern

You can't use it to hold hot water, but it's still cute - a crochet tea pot

And there's a moose on the loose

And here's a charity even coming up - V-Day. They are accepting donations for scarves for auction at Frostburg State University, but there are other events going on - www.vday.org
If you want to donate to the scarf sale, here's the info:
Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement
Attn: Dawn Lucas - V-Day Committee
20 Braddock Road
Frostburg, MD 21532

As usual, I get no payola from the sites listed. That's probably a good thing because otherwise I'd have to declare it as income on my income taxes and it would bump me to a much higher bracket;)

_enjoy_ (and stay warm!)

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