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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Is it just me or....

I'm sure you've seen this link. Although the article calls it "knitting" (and that ticks me off), it appears to be mostly crochet....

I have to admit, I really don't "get" this. Yeah, it's kind of funny, but I look at all the work and materials that went into creating the covering for the bus and I think "Ahh, isn't there a charity you could be doing that work for?". I admit, I'm an old fuddy duddy. And people have the right to do pretty much what they wish to do with their time, talents and materials. But I just think, for me, if I had all the time, materials and talent, I'd be doing something a bit different.

You can yell at me if you want, I can take it. But keep it to the subject at hand. If you've participated in a yarn bombing or you think it's cool, just tell me why. I can't say you will convince me, but I am willing to hear other points of view. What's the purpose, did it achieve the effect you hoped it would, that kind of thing....
And if it isn't just me, you can tell me that, too

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