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Sunday, February 15, 2009

FM 2/16/09

Hello again - I got a lot of goodies for you today -

Margaret Hubert is a very talented designer. And from Lion Brand, a preview of Margaret Hubert's "Knit or Crochet -Have It Your Way" a pattern for a beautiful purse:

From Amy O'Neil Houck's "The Hook and I", directions on how to make a Valentine's Day hat. Yeah, it's late for Valentine's Day, but it's never to late to share the love.

You may have seen this pattern on "Knit and Crochet Today". It's also from the very talented author of "The Hook and I" Any On'Neil Houck- crocheted socks

Just in case you need a little pincushion - here's a cherry tomato pinchushion. Personally, I'd leave off the google eyes and the leaf, but that's me

I don't think this is a repeat. If it is, I apolegize. Here's a list of one skein crochet projects

Mary Sue's Crochet News is available now:

For the threadies, a beautiful bright coaster

and a lot of doilies

Caron scores again with a "Lattice Wrap"

I crocheted penguins for my weeding topper, but maybe you like bunnies better - here's a bunny wedding couple

I have no idea why I am fascinated with sock monkeys. But here's a sock monkey pattern

This is title a "granny square jacket" but the motifs are flowers, not the traditional squares of the granny square.

This is great - a lovely chevron scarf pattern

As usual, I receive no endorsements from the folks listed. I'd take money or whatever, but than I'd have to pay taxes on it and it would be a pain;)


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