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Sunday, February 01, 2009

FM February 2, 2009

I'm back - sloshing thru the ice. I got a new brace for my right leg, isn't that thrilling;) Obviously, it's still not healed. Maybe in March....I hope...

Anyway, enough whining, time to get on with the freebies...

This isn't a free pattern, but someting to admire and to look at - a free form baby blanket by Bonnie Prokowicz.

This is also something to look at - (stuffed) animals wearing crochet sweaters

How about a pattern for a cute little flower bracelet?

I don't ever think I have seen a sugar-glider, but they look cute. I know somebody who "fosters" sugar gliders, so here's a sugar glider nest

Valentine's Day is coming up and you ate the box of chocolate truffles you bought for that special person. Here's something relatively easy to make up for it - a floral heart motif

I'm not sure what the occasion would be for wearing this dress....if you're going to McDonald's fora romantic Valentine's Day dinner? You judge

There are those who love the Harry Potter books and movies and then there's me. This site is great if you have a Harry Potter fan to crochet for or if you want to make something "Harry Potterish" for yourself...

I thought this was cool though it's geared towards knitting. I think it could work for crochet - a computerized pattern generator

In my part of the world. I am cold and let my long hair loose. But probably in 4 months, I'll think this hair covering is just the thing....

It's a goldfish - no, not the kind you eat....

and how about an octopus to go with that goldfish...

I never thought of this, bout this would be cool if you were showing your crochet work to others - a crochet briefcase

I first made a pair of like these about (eeek) 30 years ago - baby mittens (without thumbs)

This is a listing of crochet "how to" videos for various flowers:

as ususal, I get no kickbacks or special considerations for posting these sites.


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