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Monday, March 16, 2009

FM 3/16/09

I was underwhelmed by the response to the contest I had last week. No one entered, no one won. So if you just are the first one to drop me a line about the Annie's Attic kit of the month (see last week's post for more info), I will snail mail it to you. Otherwise, it's onward and upward.

This isn't crocheted, but still fascinating - a knitted digestive system

I've seen illusion knitting and I have seen an example or two of illusion crochet - but I thought this was the best example I've seen so far - it's a heart illusion square

I don't really know who or what a sack boy is, but I think he's popular with the younger set. But you may know who he is or you might just want to check him out:

This is from the book by Christen Haden, "Creepy Cute Crochet" - it's a mini monkey

Have you ever seen the Japanese flick "My Neighbor Turturo" ? If not, see it - it's a beautiful movie suitable for all ages. This is the makurokurosuke-soot pattern from that movie.

I thought this was pretty cool - a crop circles square

These are really wild ripple socks - I want to crochet these in some weird colors - a ripple afghan for your feet:

This is a very pretty "blue Jeans" shawl pattern.

I have to admit, I love bunnies - so here's a bunny fridgie pattern (or you could make it into a pin)

Or how about a bunny basket

Or what all bunny lovers need - a snuggle bunny

And to round out this week's edition of FM, two preemie hat patterns - here's a preemie ribbed beanie

And a textured preemie hat

As usual, I receive no special considerations for posting these links. I just think they are cool and I'm presenting them to you.


Sherri said...

Girl I have been off crocheting away in the past week and I missed your giveaway. SO add me to the list! I lovew giveawasy especially Annies Attic!

Unknown said...

Shoot, that was a bad week to be out of town!! Maybe I'll catch it next time! :)