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Monday, March 02, 2009

FM 3/2/09

Sorry for the delay - I am up past my eyeballs in a head cold and surving on Claritin and Riccola - and lots and lots of hot tea...

This is not a pattern, but interesting all the same - a crochet Buddha

This looks like a cute gift for a baby girl -beaded socks for baby. You could also adapt it to an adult's soc.

The Art of Crochet always has somethinbg good - this time it's crochet cupcakes with sprinkles and a cherry by Art of Crochet

I thought this was really cute - a crocheted fish

If you have a thing about peanut people, (Not Charles Schultz's characters) this peanut amigurumi pattern is for you

Here's a brand issue of Crochet Uncut - Spring 2009 issue. It should be availabe today.

This isn't free, either, but Big Lots is having a sale on Lion Brand's "Homespun" and "Suede" starting on Wednesday, March 4. Nope, I don't work for Big Lots but I wanted to warn you if you see me in the store sneezing and coughing, you'll probably want to back away from me as fast as you can. You don't want this stinky cold.

As usual, no compensation is received. Right now I would take some big cup of hot tea that would get rid of this cold. (I shouldn't complain, this is my first major cold of the winter).


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