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Sunday, April 19, 2009

FM April 20, 2009

It has been very nice this weekend, though it might rain tomorrow. But I'll be at work, so presumably I won't see too much of it. Physical therapy is going fine, my right ankle feels more mobile. Even though I generally don't like to have my feet touched, I do enjoy the foot massage;)

I got the issue of "Apronology" at A.C. Moore. Very interesting and it has two aprons that use crochet - one uses parts of a doily. If you like aprons, you might want to pick this up. (Be warned - it's $15 so you might want to use a coupon in it).
Here's the free crochet patterns for this Monday:

This is a flower afghan from "Talking Crochet"

I'm currently working on a baby afghan for a friend's daughter. But since I will be a great aut again sometime in August or September, I might choose this motif for a baby afghan from SmoothFox

I thought this was great - instructions on how to use the motifs you have collected

This is a great idea idea if you have some old cds (or the clear plastic ones that you get when you buy the burnable cds) - a cd drawstring bag

This is quite lovely and good for my end of the world's (sort of) spring weather - a crocheted cardigan from Berroco

I thought this was really cool - crocheted pinwheel sweater

This is so neat - it's a crocheted cat afghan tutorial by Teresa Richardson, "Art of Crochet"

And another great pattern from Teresa Richardson "Art of Crochet" - a bingo bag. I would think you could use it as a craft bag, too.

How about a rose pin (or magnet)
from Crochet Corner

This is really sweet - a flower pincushion from "Suzy's Stuff"

That's it for this week, folks, As usual, no econimic incentives were given for the sites listed here.

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