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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

3 quick things

I wanted to post this link to Roxycraft for a free bunny pattern because I just read about it and somebody out there may still be looking for a quick bunny pattern:

L'Tanya Durante has relaunched her blog and is giving away prizes alll week

Plus, I know this is "Crocheting Lessons" and not "Baking Tips" but here's one I'm going to toss out there for you. A lot of people are celebrating Easter this week and can't see the sense of making a bunch of hard boiled eggs that their kids won't eat. (Okay, maybe it was just my picky brats). Here's a suggestion, you can bake cupcakes from scratch or use a cake mix. If you use the foil lined cups, you can shape the line to be egg shaped. Bake the cupcakes, provide some icing (again homemade or purchased), some sprinkles or candy and let the kids (or adults) have fun decorating the cupcakes. I'd just use one type of frosting myself, but it's up to you.

Now we go back to our usual broadcast;)

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