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Sunday, April 05, 2009

FM April 6, 2009

It's April and it's Monday, so it must be time for Freebie Monday....

Last week I had a pattern for the cat from "Kiki's Delivery Service" - this week it's Kiki herself

Need a quick gift or maybe just some silliness in your life? I'm often tempted to bring finger puppets into work just for a laugh, but maybe they would haul me away to the funny farm. But maybe I'd start with these spring finger puppets

Or how about funky pigs?

This is really cute, in a "Frankenbunny" kind of way. Check it out...

For those of you who work in thread, this is a lovely Irish rose doily

I keep saying I'm going to make a rectangular granny square - maybe I should try this pattern...

This is a great pattern for a v-stitch hat

And because Passover is coming up, here's a crocheted yarmulke

I love flower patterns and this pansy pattern from Planet M is beautiful. And yes, I do agree, guinea pigs are very cute. And I do like her crocheted representation of a guinea pig better than I like the one I made up....

Remember the VHS clutch purse I said I was going to make? I got so frustrated with it, I put the tape away for now....but maybe I could handle a VHS tape mouse pattern

or better yet, a VHS tape bunny pattern

This is very interesting for those of you who want to work with crochet diagrams - how to make crochet diagrams using Adobe

TIme to spruce up the house? Maybe you can try these crochet bath accesories

I've seen a few butterflies this week and they made me think of these butterfly accessories

As usual, I get no money for posting these sites. I feel like I should say it every week just in case somebody's thinking "hey, why did she post that free pattern and not mine?" I post what I like but more importantly what I find.

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