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Monday, May 25, 2009

FM 5/25/09

Not much going on here. I finally finished the turtle to go with the baby afghan and I cut the material for the curtains. It's been slow going crochet wise because, of course, it's crunch time at work. I work late and my hands hurt and I don't croceht all week, Stupid, really, because crochet relaxes me. But that's how it goes....

This is a funny video, you have to see it....."Craft Talk"

I know I normally post sites for free crochet patterns, but come on, how could I resist this free chocolate site?
Click here: Mars Real Chocolate Relief Act

Eleanor Wilkinson of Valdese, North Carolina is the Artist of the Month with her crocheted stadium pillows.....

I never seen this connection before - "frogging" (ripping out) and the zen of crochet?

Here's something very lovely for those upcoming brides - crochet bridal jewelry

When I say "brown and blue bracelet", it really doesn't sound attractive. However, just take a look at it - it's great

I know, thread dolls aren't really crochet. But, as Noreen Crone-Findlay proves, they are quite cute and easy to make...

In my area, rockfish fishing is a big deal. People charter boats at (to me) a nice chunk of change to do this. However, there is an easier way than getting up at 4am and wandering bleary eyed to the water...

No, I didn't forget Memorial Day. It is right and proper that we thank all the military personnel and their families for the sacrifice that allows freedom to exist.
So, for Memorial Day, I'm posting a call to help make armed forces blankets

That's it from here. As usual, no special bailout funds have been given to me to list these site. Probably because the people who have these links know I would just take the money and buy more yarn with it (which I probably would - but I might buy some patterns or hooks, too;)).


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