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Friday, January 07, 2011

Crochet Horoscope 2011 part 1

A belated happy new year to everyone. Yes, I'm a day late and a dollar short, but nothing new about it;)
Here's my Crochet horoscopes for 2011. Of course, these horoscopes are just for fun and shouldn't be taken too seriously.
I will say something I've repeated for the last 2 years - shop from your stash! I need to remember that particular lesson myself. But when something like the Special Olympics scarves call for specific yarns and that's not in my stash, what can I do?  If you say "buy it" you won;) And if you say "buy the required yarn and some other yarn", you know me too well;)

Aries March 21-April 20

This will be an exciting crochet year for you. You generally are willing to try anything, but this year you decide to try some new stitches you are unfamiliar with - maybe you've seen them in a pattern or caught a reference to them somewhere. But your determination to learn something new will blossom into a stunning wearable item that will get a lot of compliments. And because you basically created the item from playing with the stitch, you might be able to add the label of "crochet pattern designer" to your resume', if it's not there already. You will definitely enjoy this new stitch. Do I know what stitch it is? I do, but that would be telling and you'd be much better finding the stitch for yourself.

a video for you to ponder

Taurus April 21-May 21
Oh, Taurus, you impulsive imp! It's more difficult for you than most yarnies to not buy new yarn. And I feel your pain., But seriously, sock away your yarn money and save it for a bigger splurge. That splurge will either be a class or a conference that leaves you rejuvenated and your fingers itching for your hooks. Your crochet techniques will blossom after this splurge and you will be revved up for that making gifts for the friends and family you keep promising yourself you will do. And you will succeed in that particular goal, providing you manage to pace yourself between crochet, work and life. (Work will be the bear to manage, unfortunately.)

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Gemini May 22-June 21
There will be major changes for you this year in crochet world. Maybe this is the year you make that bedspread in cotton thread or decide to start spinning your own yarn. Maybe a new yarn shop will open near you and you decide to teach a class when you find out they have no crochet classes. Or maybe it's time to publish that great pattern that is your signature piece. Whatever it is, you will tackle the challenge with your usual good humor. And your good humor will help to tide you over the rough bits of the new year (hopefully, not too many). However you pursue crochet this year, you probably would be happier joining a group (maybe a crochet-a-long) so you can swap yarn tales with like minded individuals. There's a lot of groups out there, just don't get stuck in one that takes the "bitch" part seriously. Crochet should be fun.

a video for you to ponder:

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