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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Crochet Horoscope 2011 Part 3

onward and upward.....

Libra September 12-October 22
You like everything just perfect when you decide to start crocheting. A nice quiet day, the right yarn, the right project, you are so _there_. But this can interrupt your crocheting - you can't feel quite comfortable crocheting if there is a thing or two out of place. Give yourself a break. Look at your crocheting as "quality me time". Seriously,crocheting  can be as restorative as yoga, provide you're not jumping up every 3 minutes to see if the mail came or did you really put the mop away?  So allow yourself the time to enjoy crocheting.  Maybe if you decided to do some charity projects, you will see how important crochet can be, not just some "hobby".  You are actually creating something beautiful and useful and helping somebody out in the process.
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Scorpio October 23-November 22 
Scorpio, you are passionate about crocheting. So passionate, in fact you have almost enough yarn to crochet any project you're interested in doing. Some might say you have SABLE syndrome (Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy), but I wouldn't. I'd just say you were prepared for almost any event. But don't wait until a special event to break out the hooks and the fancy yarn. Use it for scarves, hats, shawls or whatever you can think of. That beautiful purple colorway sock yarn is waiting to be used, not just admired. My suggestion - take a look at your loved ones and figure out who would want that mohair and use it - now. Show the people you love that you also feel passionately about them as well as crochet.
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Sagittarius November 23-December 21 
Saggittarius crocheters have many different interests - overlay crochet, tunisian, broomstick lace, thread, yarn, lace and leather, you are ready for any and all of these techniques. But sometimes you drop one project without finishing it and move on to another. Yeah, all crocheters do it, but Sagittarius seem to excel in having many, many unfinished projects just waiting for maybe the ends to be woven in the item or maybe an edging. This year you should make an effort to finish your lingering projects before tackling a new one. Yes, I know there's lots out there to crochet, but you can find some peace in the finishing of an object, too, you know.
So give it a real chance this year - even finish completely the current item you're working on. You know you don't really want more unfinished items lurking about....
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