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Saturday, March 24, 2012


I probably have already posted this, but just in case I didn't there is a great pattern for Peeps bunnies at Ravelry - and it's free

check it out

I just finished working on a scarf, switching colors between blue and white. Nothing spectacular, just trying to get comfortable enough to do more color work and hide the floats.
I received my new issue of "Crochet!". Looks pretty good, but I am confused - they have an award called the Jean Leinhauser Hall of Fame award. (I'm not confused by that part). They have nominees, one of which is Jean Leinhauser, but not Rita Weiss who was a partner with her on so many things. Plus if the honor is named after you....well, I know they gave her an award after she died, so it's unclear to me if her award was the Jean Leinhauser award or not. I get confused too easily, I think.

My right wrist is giving me a fit. Nothing new about that, just when it's the "crunch time" at work, I must type harder or something to make it ache. I could do without that, but apparently my wrist says "no" to that.

I feel like my brain is bubbling with what I want to do _now_;) I want to make some Peeps (of course), I want to finish the long project of the curtain, I want to make a shawl, I want, want want... I need to learn how to crochet with my feet although since the right foot aches, it might not be the best plan. Man, I'm falling apart;)
But I really need to stop being on Facebook. I like it, it's a great distraction as well as a huge time waster. The old "I just want to do _1_thing" turns into a 20 minute waiting game. I should quit it, but I'm no quitter;)


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