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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

woo hoo free books

Ravelry is doing a 26 book giveaway this month. If you want to join in, here's the link

meanwhile I am still crocheting (of course). But I had something weird (at least to me) happen. I gave a co-worker a cutting from a white Christmas cactus. She said she took it home and her grandson wanted it. So for the heck of it, I designed a 3 stem Christmas cactus in crochet, complete with white flowers and left it on her desk. I was shocked by her reaction. She praised me up and down, telling me her grandmother used to crochet and how much respect she had for those who crochet. *wow* wasn't I flattered? I usually get "what is that?" or something along those lines. So of course this woman has become my new best friend;)
Seriously, I don't get criticized for the work I do (except for 1 snarky remark by another _crocheter_ at the CGOA gathering in PA a zillion years ago)...but if I say this is what I do, people seem to have a dim view of my hobby. Don't know why, but there you are.

and here's another weirdness that happened. I volunteered to donate a few squares for an afghan for a person. No problem I said, heck, I probably got that Redheart color in my stash. Redheart has something like 275 colors, I got a gazillion skeins of yarn, should work out.

Would you believe I had to track down 2 skeins of the yarn? I didn't have it. I couldn't even believe that, but there you go. I must have 274 colors of Redheart;)
And yeah, you can complain about Redheart, but their Supersavers dye lots are the same across the country. Did you ever order a gorgeous bundle of yarn and when it gets to you, you think "Double yuck! I ordered that?! What was I thinking?" well, maybe you haven't but I have and it's good to know that if it's Redheart, I know what color it will be. And no, I don't get a kickback from Redheart. I wouldn't mind if I did, but I should probably take it in cash instead of yarn;)

that's it, later dudes and dudettes

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DaCraftyLady said...

Isn't that the truth, you look in your stash and you have every color under the sun, except the one you need for your current project???**&&$$## I love the cactus idea how lucky she was...receiving a compliment about our work is sooooo gratifying indeed!!! Good for you!