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Thursday, March 08, 2012

why, Interweave?

I left this note on Interweave's FB page. Since I never received an answer what made the crocheting calendar more expensive than the knitting calendar for 2011. I mean, what the hell?

here's the crochet site

so here goes....yo, Interweave Press, you have done it _again_ Please tell me why I should have to order _2_ things to have a complete calendar for 2012 (just as you did for 2011). If you really dislike crocheters that much, maybe (just a thought here) you should look at what your making from you crochet magazine. And if it's "nothing" maybe you should stop putting out a magazine.
Don't get me wrong, I love the magazine.. But why are you charging crocheters _double_ the cost of the knitting calendar? The knitters get their patterns, why can't the crocheters? Because one without the other isn't that great a deal. Without the patterns I have to speculate on how these items are made (warning, at least one you can buy from a designer online). And if I buy the patterns and don't have the photos, I can't compare the item with the directions. Sometimes there is a mistake in the patterns...

the Interweave's site has the knitting calendar with "all you need to make a sweater"

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Becky said...

AGREE, And why is it when I buy a crochet magazine I seem to get tips and patterns for knit items?