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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

another turtle

I _must get some pictures taken and loaded. I see other folks' blogs and am absolutely _amazed_ at what they have created. I doubt anybody would be amazed at my work, but what the heck, I'd post it anyway.

I finished another turtle, this one is cream & yellow, to go with a "mile-a-minute" baby afghan I just finished. I'm not sure how much I like it - it's pastels and a lot of people like that for a baby, but I'm not really a "pastel person". I'd like to try the turtle that was on the "Crochet World" cover, I think it was in June 2005, the turtle is wearing a diaper. It looks really cute. But my head is giving me a fit (probably allegeries or sinuses, something like that), so I have been making preemie hats. They are pretty quick to make and give me the satisfaction of getting something done.

I am also reconsidering doing the curtains I planned. I had originally intended to use a filet pattern, a lion in profile, to do this project. I used worsted weight and the pattern to make an afghan and it turned out great. But now I'm thinking I should try to match the valance a little better. I think I'm just making the project a little more difficult;) I have to ponder it a bit more. When I was younger and had more time to crochet, I'd jump into projects, trying to work them out as I go along. Now I want to have a pretty clear idea of what I'm trying to accomplish - "frogging" 10 rows definitely does not appeal to me and would cut into the time I have to crochet. And of course since I'm older, I don't work on a project after midnight - that's when I make _all_sorts of mistakes. I had to learn that the hard way, but at least I remember it now;)

If I could only learn how to crochet with my feet, I could crochet at work....

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