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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

"Family Circle Easy Crochet"

First off, none of these people / companys mention give me anything for mentioning them.

It's out! You might find it at Michael's or A.C. Moore or maybe a bookstore such as Barnes and Noble or Borders. Some newstands carry a variety of magazines, but not the ones around me. Or else I go at the wrong time. The last time I was at one particular newstand, the clerk _grilled_ me over my magazine choice, I think it was "Crochet Fantasy". She did not believe anybody read those magazines or made the projects. I stopped going to that particular newstand.

Anyway, it's got some interesting patterns, a few that look sort of familiar, some pictures of some great hooks from http://brainsbarn.com/
and of course a lot of great looking yarn. But one of the most interesting ads are for a free skein of Bernat's Disco yarn http://www.bernat.com/
It's not often you get a magazine and _free_ yarn. You've probably seen this yarn, it looks like a metallic garland, sort of what you'd put on a Christmas tree. It would be quite stylish as a scarf or maybe as a trim on something special. And you can't argue with the price, unless you really like to argue.

I am hoping they make this magazine as maybe twice a year (or more) but we'll see what happens. Right now I think the powers that be are waiting for the financial results.

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Anonymous said...

If you are trying to get in contact with Bernat to receive the free ball of Bernat Disco, the actual email address is www.bernat.com/getdown
Happy Knitting.